Color & Weave Towels - Playing with Color!

I'm working on a set of hand towels as a gift for my mother. She requested "blue" and I decided to use some blue 'estate' cotton I had sitting around. I had two cones, one a medium blue, the other light - the perfect opportunity to try out color and weave!

Color and weave usually involves two yarn colors and tricky swapping in order to get the illusion of a woven pattern where there isn't really one. Log Cabin is a really classic example of this. I didn't want to use plain weave because I want the towels to have a nicer hand, so I started with a twill and then played around until I found some interesting patterns. I decided to just stick with ABAB for my color sequence rather than mess around with anything too complicated. The treadling is just a repeat of 11, so not too difficult (these are going on the table loom >.< ) Here's the (first) final design:

It was actually originally wider, but I realized I was running out of yarn, and there is no way for me to get more of exactly this kind! So, narrower towels it is! (As it is, I'm not going to have enough weft to make all the towels I wound warp for ... another lesson in planning ahead for how much yarn you have).

These are pretty cool but I found that I was procrastinating working on them (the original design was from February, and I still have the warp sitting on my shelf). This last weekend I finally purchased a license for Fiberworks PCW so I can save my drafts. I opened up this old towel draft and started playing around. I had tried adding other colors when I originally designed the towels, but never found anything I liked. This time I added a pink warp stripe right in the middle and liked what I saw, so I added a larger stripe to the side and the effect was immediate. The design is so much better now with some color interest and asymmetry:

I wound a bit more of each warp color and threw them into some dye. By over-dyeing the main colors, it was more likely that the colors would coordinate well. Next up is hauling the table loom out and warping it up.